Monday, October 19, 2009

Hawaii Vacation

Melissa and I spent a week on the island of Oahu in Hawaii (without the kids). We traveled there with Melissa's Uncle Milton, his wife Alessandra and her brother Andre and his wife Jana. There we stayed at Milton's Marriott timeshare in Ko' Olina... absolutely amazing!

Sunset from the resort we stayed at in Ko Olina

Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay was amazing. We spent several hours here, chillin' on the beach and exploring the water full of sea life. One of our favorite days in Hawaii.

Every morning we had a great spread of fresh fruits for breakfast.

The girls all dressed up in Waikiki

While at Waikiki beach we saw some sweet g-strings. This one has haunted me ever since, but I couldn't help but share it.

Visiting the temple at Laie & Polynesian Cultural Center. The temple is closed for renovation so we just took a picture and headed to the PCC.
(Was it wrong to show the picture of the temple right after the g-string?)

Our guy "Cap", he's some tribal chief. A tough dude considering he's only 5' 3''

What's up with the Samoans hitting on the women!?!

Love eating fresh coconut and drinking pina coladas.

Heaven forbid we go hiking where all the other tourists go... NO. We got an tip for a waterfalls that only locals go to. Right before heading up the trail a guy living in the neighborhood warned us that it had been raining and the river which would normally only be ankle deep could have fast rapids and be waste deep. When you hear about people getting washed away due to flash floods... it because people like us don't listen!

A little depper than Melissa expected.

Good thing they had "Indiana Jentzsch" to lead the way.

Yes! That's a 1-month old baby and some idiot twenty-year olds crossing the river. We figured we might as well help or they all would have been swept away.

Any moment I was expecting to be attacked by the "others" or have a giant black smoke grab Milton and carry him off into the jungle.

2 hours later we arrived at the waterfalls. By this time we were feeling a bit cold and damp after crossing the river 3 times. But it was an amzaing spot.

Until Alessandra stepped on a large piece of glass and cut her foot quite deep.
Nothing a trip to the hospital and several stitches could fix... oh yeah after we hiked back out of this place first.

We had a blast though!

I think they handed Milton the ER bill on his way out the door, but obvisouly the pain medication is working great for her.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Parker's B-Day and 24th of July weekend

On the 24th we got hooked up with sweet front row seats at the Real Salt Lake soccer game. The kids loved being so close to the field


We were allowed onto the field to watch the fireworks show. Way cool!

Saturday July 25th was Parker's birthday. We had friends and family over for a swimming party and lunch.

Dylan and Parker enjoying a little Soy Ice Cream.

Brendon started taking tennis lessons this summer. It began with Wii tennis and has moved ot the outdoor court.

Dylan is having a SUPER summer of his own.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Most people didn't know that Gary and I started out as mortal enemies.

Later in life we joined forces to keep the street of St.George safe.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Random Summer Fun

4th of July in Phoenix - Who says a parade can't be fun in 117 degree weather...

Cove Fort

Eagle Mountain Days

Jasmin performs in the Play "Enchanted"

Brendon scored several goals in soccer this season

Melissa officially runs her 1st 5K